Pizzas with Chicken

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Curry India



S 10,00€  M 13,00€  L 18,00€


Pollo, gambas, piña, nata liquida & curry

Chicken, prawns, pineapple, cream & curry

Hähnchen, Garnelen, Ananas, Sahnesosse & Curry

Poulet, crevettes, piña, creme fraiche & curry




S 10,00€  M 12,00€  L 17,00€


Pollo, salchicha, bacon, salsa barbacoa & miel

Chicken, sausage, bacon, barbecue sauce & honey

Hähnchen, Bratwurst, Speck, Barbecuesosse & Honig

Poulet, saucisse, baicon, sauce barbecue & miel


Pollo Rico


S 10,00€  M 12,00€  L 17,00€


Pollo, bacon Y nata líquida

Chicken, bacon & cream

Hähnchen, Blaukäse, Sahnesosse & Zwiebeln

Poulet, baicon & creme fraiche


Chicken blues



S 10,00€  M 12,00€  L 17,00€


Pollo, queso azul, nata líquida Y cebolla

Chicken, blue cheese, cream & onion

Hähnchen, Blaukäse, Sahnesosse & Zwiebeln

Poulet, fromage bleu, oignon & crème fraiche




S 10,00€  M 12,00€  L 17,00€


Pollo, pepperoni, espinacas & queso de oveja.

Chicken, pepperoni, spinach & sheep milk cheese.

Hähnchen, Pepperoniwurst, Spinat & Schafskäse.

Poulet, pepperoni, epinard & fromage de brebis.




S 10,00€  M 13,00€  L 18,00€


Pollo kebab, pimiento verde, col lombarda & salsa de ajo

Chicken kebab, green peppers, red cabbage & garlic sauce

Hähnchen Kebab, Paprika, Rotkohl & knoblauch sosse

Kebab de poulet, poivrons verts, chou rouge & sauce a l ail



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